Winter Trio: Healing Balms

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Winter Trio: Healing Balms

These healing balms were made by a Potawatomi woman, who is creating and making use of her knowledge in her ancestral homelands in Wisconsin. Cheryl, or Pedwawegizhgokwe, which is her Indian/real name, and what she goes by on Instagram, has made this healing winter trio. They are all meant as topical balms, please DO NOT ingest them, they aren't intended for consumption. Please see ingredients, the price is for the set of all 3 together. The large round is a healing balm intending to soothe minor skin irritations, dry spots, and patches. I have used mine on my lips, around my nose after wearing my mask and on mild eczema spots my toddler has on her forearms. The ingredients will also come with the trio in a typed hard copy. The medium round is 'Breathe', it's kind of like a soothing chest run that's mild on the skin and will help open up your nasal passage and offer some comfort through the bitter winter. The small round is intended for muscle aches and even to help soothe headaches.

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